Dr. Mona Shah

Dr. Mona Shah

An occupational therapist by profession, Dr. Mona Shah is the head of ANSHU, a modern, state-of-the-art, fully equipped child development and adult physiotherapy centre at Kasturba Health Society.

Dr. Mona Shah has graduated from G.S. Medical College, K.E.M. Hospital and is a registered member of All India Occupational & Rehabilitation Association. Her passion & desire to provide nothing but the best treatment has resulted in her continuously enhancing her skill set by taking up specialized courses across India & in USA.

Having obtained an MA Degree in Psychology, Dr. Mona Shah also specializes in early intervention, craniosacral therapy, sensory integration, brain gym exercise, S.O.S. feeding approach & diet planning towards a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Mona Shah channelizes her vast experience of 25 plus years as an occupational therapist, along with her special skill sets, to guide and train therapists, interns, teachers & social organizations on various aspects of child development with the goal to identify, treat & transform “Disabilities to Abilities” in children for a healthier & happier society.

Dr. Mona Shah’s passion and love for children, along with the lack of resources and limited information available for children with developmental disabilities in India was the driving force in her starting this centre.

ANSHU means “A ray of light and hope”. With the vision to “Excel in Service, Expand in Love & Advance in Knowledge” ANSHU treats all its patients equally.